4 per 1000 initiative: Work programme and 2017 budget

The 4per1000 Initiative has kicked off. If 2016 was to prepare it, 2017 must start to put ideas and aims into practice. Its work programme has been finalised and the budget approved. All we can do is draw up our sleeves and get to work, particularly to ease the way for projects via an efficient network to put project executives with potential financiers.

Therefore the Executive Secretariat has following tasks: plan meetings; facilitate cooperation between organizers and initiatives (projects and research) aimed at carbon capture; develop a designated website; activate a specific communication programme.

All the above cannot be free of charge: the expected budget for 2017 is a total of € 835.000 and must be provided by members of the Consortium. France, promoter of the Initiative, has already provided € 100.000.

For details see HERE