Rome City Council’s new Urban-Planning Assessor: keep him company

One of the tasks the Forum Sip sets itself to do is to ‘mark’ (in the sporting sense of « pay close attention to») the people who have been elected to national and European parliaments, and to stress how important this is for territorial associations. The term ‘mark’ was chosen after an internal discussion. Initially the term proposed (and used by some social groups in Brazil) was to ‘adopt’ a politician and influence his decisions relating to soil and land. ‘Mark’ was then considered more appropriate because of its connotations with ‘support’ and ‘help’.

In the past, we have shown our support for communal authorities which have coherently and consistently supported land protection, such as Matilde Casa and Isabella Conti .

We now need to ‘mark’ Paolo Bernardini, the current Urban-Planning Assessor of Rome. Opposing the cement lobby automatically means being named and shamed by all the media, who often serve and are on the pay roll of the powerful. The entire SIP Forum, along with many associations, individuals, and civil society representatives, are now openly supporting the new assessor. Please read the Forum SIP press release about this.