March for Europe in Rome – Our Europe

In previous newsletter editions, we mentioned the fitofori march for Trees and the European Avenue Day in Europe. It seems that European citizens are destined to take to streets and to march to attract people as well as decision makers’ attention. An important and urgent “walk” will take place in Rome the 25 March, in the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty.

There isn’t much to celebrate! Europe is the unique area without wars following WW2, but the founding aims and values of the European Union have – slowly and inexorably – been questioned again. Peace is no longer considered an undeniable value upon which to build our communities either. Politicians no longer refer to the Mauthausen oath done by the survivors of the massacre. We are dangerously slipping back into nationalisms and entrenchments, which are fuelling xenophobia and racism. In this mourned context, imagine how difficult it is to worry about environmental policy, now stuck in the most hidden of nooks, unseen by the institutions.Aside from official noisier celebrations, we should remind everyone that for 60 years there has been an area in the world based on the following principles: recognition and respect of the dignity of each and every one, solidarity, supporting those in need, subsidiarity, environmental protection, access to healthcare, schooling and education, welcoming, aid towards third world countries… And it is because of these very principles that we have been able to live in peace, develop and prosper.

For this reason, we would like to underline the importance of the initiative launched by the European Federalists’ Union and the Europe-Italian Federalists Movement. Let us all meet in Rome on March 25th to reclaim a Europe:

  1. i) against division and walls; ii) united to keep its promises on peace, freedom, security and prosperity; iii) shared solidarity and responsibility; iv) protecting its values and principles throughout the world; v) with democracy as a means of empowering citizens; vi) which gives hope over fear; vii) relaunching the political union of the European Union.

In other words, we want a strong, united and democratic Europe against nationalism and populism. We want a clear agenda finalized at relaunching and completing Europe’s economic and political unity!

This is a simple message, which participants will be sending to Heads of State, and Governments reunited in Rome.