SIP Forum: Soil Europe Group (SEG) 2017 Activity Programme

A) The SEG 2017 Activity Programme has been published and some of the activities are already up and running. A somewhat ambitious, yet achievable programme which requires effort beyond that of SEG members. Here the copy in PDF (in Italian), and we would like to ask you all to read it carefully and let us know which of the activities are of most interest to you. If you wish, you will be put in touch with the specific SEG responsible member.

We would like to particularly draw your attention to the debates, specific themed discussions and the SEG Assembly which all took place via email. A decent preparation and time spent in between reading, thinking and communication is necessary.For future ‘Debate Days’ on specific themes (some of which are already mentioned in the Activity Programme) any feedback or comments from you readers would be appreciated.

Any ideas on how to structure such a debate, aside from via email? What do you think would be better: a virtual ‘over the phone’ meeting (purely oral communication) or using streaming (both oral and visual)? Have you already experienced this? If so, how many took part in the debate?

Do send us your comments and suggestions to suolo.europa@gmail.com.

B) We were in Rome on 25 March at the March for a more united and democratic Europe. You will have followed the march and its development via the media. In the next newsletter we will provide further details about our perceptions on the event.

C) Finally we would like to remind you that the SIP Forum has formally joined the European Citizen Initiative ‘Stop Glyphosate’.