Earth Day – 22 April 2017

Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April, a day on raising awareness about the environment and the safeguard of the entire planet. Initiatives were held all over the world. In Italy there were various celebrations, including the one entitled ‘Village of the Earth’ from 21 to 25 April.

The People4Soil ECI gathered signatures (https://www.people4soil.eu/en) all over Italy at the various Earth Day celebrations at their designated petition-desks. A Open letter 20 April 17 – People4Soil (1) was also sent to the Commission President and to the EU Commissioners for the Environment and Agriculture, highlighting the difference between the 15th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG: A Land Degradation Neutral World) set by the UN and the one set by the EU. The UN mark 2030 as their target year, for the EU it is 2050. UN goals are compulsory for developed countries, which means the EU must conform and create a matching legal framework valid for all its Member States.