4 per 1000 Initiative: Survey on expectations, motivations and projects

Constructive dialogue with hundreds of partners is always highly difficult to achieve.

In order to get to know its partners and adapt the initiative to participants’ expectations, the Executive Secretary decided to carry out a survey based on the Scientific and Technical Committee. This questionnaire is to be filled out online, and will be available until 15 June, and the survey until the end of August.

The results of the survey will be analysed in June, but the full summary will be presented at the 4×1000 meeting in Bonn in November (in parallel to COP23).

Aside from providing answers to the questions, motivations must be specified, as well as whether or not members of the initiative should take part in the activities (political action, projects, practices, etc.) to be implemented.

The Soil Europe Group will take part in the survey under the name of Save The Landscape Forum.