Soil Farmers in the Netherlands

In Newsletter n.34 we mentioned the interviewing by many different filmmakers of several young farmers from various European Union countries.  There are plenty of new videos increasingly reaching the website entitled Farmers in Spotlight. One of these, a documentary entitled Bodemboeren (“soil farmers”, in Dutch) won the “Life Sciences Film Festival” award in Prague, last year.

The 40’ documentary (in Dutch) illustrates sustainable soil management practices by five different farmers. Together with a small film crew, they will take you through the importance of soil, and emphasize – thanks to their attention and perseverance – why they keep insisting on its sustainable management. Together they have created new standards for sustainable soil management and for sustainable food production. The results of their experiments, their practical approach, and what they learned about agriculture and food production are particularly interesting both for farmers and for consumers.

To make eating habits become sustainable it is essential that consumers understand the importance of where our food comes from, and the impact its production has on soil. For this reason, the documentary recommends us to be responsible when making choices. Asa result, under the influence of customer buying activities, the commercial sector will hence be able to suggest to many other farmers the new agricultural and production practices, which are more compatible with sustainable soil conservation.