ELD – Economics of Land Degradation

A theory on the havoc that is land degradation says economists are to blame for the harmful principle of giving everything an economic value. An approach in which all is valued quantitatively and financially… but also sees how happiness, joy and affection can affect the calculation of GDP.

ELD – Economics of land degradation – aims at giving value to soil by using business jargon. But it is aimed at all those who could be interested in preserving soil by seeing it as a value which goes from being an “economic” one, to a common good which acquires happiness, as opposed to profit.

ELD gathered all technical skills related to soil protection and achieved dialogue with actors, including economists, intending to support this type of value.

Communication and dialogue are a key tool for the ELD initiative.

We recommend two videos, each one slightly over 4 minutes long, which present the approach, as tested in different parts around the world:

1) The Value of Soil 

2) Soil counts – preserve it!

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