People4Soil: We’re ready: let’s go on!

We have reached the deadline for gathering signatures for the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) people4soil! In a few days, we will know if the quorum of 1 million signatures has been reached. Regardless of the result, the real work begins now. The European institutions and their decision-making processes are the main but not the only objective of this ECI.

Efforts made to gather these signatures were important; people who took action represent the human capital to be used to trigger radical changes in mentality and sensitivity of all European citizens. Without this change, any directive or legislation will always be partial and powerless before increasing soil consumption. In some Member States, certain laws already in force have already shown their limits, and also their failure in carrying out acts.

We must therefore communicate, listen and respond to those actors who do not deal with or worry about soil. For example implementing environmental education in schools, from kindergarten through to all other school levels. Groups of people have to be empowered and led to “adopt” some land to defend and protect it from physical and legal point of view.

The real result of the signature gathering this year was to realize that we are not “alone”: people in other EU Member States are battling with the same objective.

We are many and ready: let’s go on!