Meeting the Farmers’ Category – Group III of the EESC

One of the main objectives of the SIP Forum is to collect recommendations from various stakeholders, in order to adopt a new strategy to protect EU soil. We are currently following two pathways: a) reinforcing communication and contacts throughout Europe with associations and civil society organizations which are not dealing with soil as a priority; b) establishing a dialogue with other stakeholders who are interested in soil (builders, farmers, planners, administrators …).

With regard to the second objective, the Forum has been invited to present its work on 26 September 2017 at the Farmers Category from Group III of the EESC. This is the second meeting taking place there – the previous one, with the Consumers and Environment Category took place on 21 June.

It was not necessary to present information on soil to the Farmers’ Category, nor provide data on soil consumption and degradation in Europe. This time the debate was about the need to reach a common paradigm for the various actors dealing with soil. In this framework, farmer who acts and produces while respecting human rights and environmental protection must be made a priority, as opposed to farmers who produce more at lower costs. Indeed the latter only contributes to increasing health risks as well as slavery conditions for workers.

We would like to remind you that the EESC is the place to privilege for debates of this kind, because categories of various types are always represented.

The PowerPoint presentation (in English) by the SIP Forum representative included the following points: a brief explanation about the SIP Forum: soil as an essential element for life; soil=brown gold; soil and the European dimension; the need to act in person; possible role for the EESC. The meeting is seen in a positive light by the Category members, as well as the start of a new contact. It is therefore possible to follow the evolution of what is proposed by the SIP Forum.

A copy of the presentation is available in PDF HERE or upon request to suolo.europa@gmail.com.