Building up synergies and dialogue

One of the main aims the SIP Forum is trying to reach with the Soil Europe Group (SIP-SEG) is to make contact with associations and civil society representations. The aim is to create a network of groups, institutions and people in Europe who can agree on the common objective to save and protect soil for current and future generations.

With this view, contacts are made informally with concerned people and groups in various EU Member States. The intention is to check people’s availability to converge on same objectives.

Let’ remind that we mainly try to appeal to groups and associations that do not deal with soil as a main priority. With those who do have soil as a priority, we keep finding ways to make connections and create synergies.

An action currently taking place is trying to speak to those who use soil but do not take care of it, such as builders and property developers. It is a delicate issue, as we fear that our proposals may lead to the usual severe confrontation that the various actors always endure. This is why the SIP-SEG has established a relationship with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in order to obtain a neutral platform for an adequate confrontation. Aside from finding a place, it is also necessary to establish mutual transparency and respect, which are both essential elements for a direct dialogue.

From now on, this section will be providing information on initiatives and contacts which help achieve the abovementioned aims.