A guide to social agriculture in the Lazio region (Italy)

The article on social agriculture in the previous newsletter caught some of our readers’ eye. We were forwarded a book published by the Lazio region, which contains important information on social agricultural communities in Lazio, starting with the famous Capodarco. The new version of the “Guide to Social Agriculture – Lazio” dates from 2015 and shows how much this practice has increased compared to 2011. Starting from 36 in the previous version, the current version presents a total of 96 established communities (not counting an extra 50 or so, who did not respond to the questionnaire). This shows that many young people have returned to agriculture. People who, perhaps due to the economic recession, make social agriculture into an occupation and at the same time are motivated to protect soil, land and values of a human and supportive society.

The “Alberto Bastiani” Social Cooperation Consortium in collaboration with the Regional Agency published the guide for Agricultural Development and Innovation in Lazio (ARSIAL). The text emphasizes how social agriculture is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand it shows multifunctionality: aside from food production, it encourages inclusion and it provides services. On the other hand it provides aid for individuals and public institutions, by offering excellent tools, which favour inclusion and assistance towards disadvantaged people.

The guide sheds light on “operational conditions, expenditure incurred and variety of services, stakeholders, cultivated lands and products obtained“. Moreover, it contains indications on national legislation on Social Agriculture, and on European funding for development in rural areas, which mentions Social Agriculture (EAFRD, LEADER, ESF, ERDF …) .It is a useful tool for anyone interested in developing programs or projects related to social agriculture.

HERE you can download the guide (in Italian).