The 4 per 1000 collaborative platform

The 4 per 1000 initiative’s aim is to bring together partners from the public and private sector in order to achieve a farming system based on the sustainable management of land and soil all the while creating well-paid and dignified employment opportunities. A well-managed soil, enriched in organic matter, and therefore in carbon, is more fertile and has an immediate positive impact on climate change, thereby reducing greenhouse gas effect.

The Bonn meeting consolidated the Initiative’s structure and produced a roadmap for the coming year. Despite a difficult beginning, this complex organisational system is growing strong.

Not least the online platform, an essential operational device, has officially been launched in Bonn, although it is not yet accessible.

The online platform will:

  1. Provide all basic information regarding the Initiative in three languages (FR, ES, EN);
  2. Offer operational tools and techniques for projects and activities;
  3. Will become a meeting point for the various members of the Initiative.

This platform is not to be confused with the new website www.4p1000.org accessible to the greater public and already up and running. With a restricted access to members and partners of the Initiative, the aim of the platform is to serve as a collective workspace. There will be four types of “groups” in the collaborative work area: College, Interface, STC (Scientific Technical Committee), Consortium.

The “Interface” groups are: 1) Knowledge (to share experiences); 2) Research (to exchange on research programmes and activities); 3) Policy (to discuss public and international policies pertaining to the goals of the Initiative); 4) Projects (to bring together those that suggest ideas and those that want to make them happen, and this at all stages, from the preparation phase, to the funding, and to the implementation stage).

Each group will act as a discussion forum. It will be possible to upload documents to share and will include a space to leave comments, share experiences, analysis, and data.


A 10-minute tutorial video on how to use the platform has been made available to the participants of the Bonn convention.