SIP FORUM: 3rd Soil Europe Group (SEG) Online General Assembly (10-11/2/2018)

The third Soil Europe Group Online General Assembly by means of the SIP Forum took place on 10 and 11 February. 22 persons took part in an interesting and fruitful debate whereby planned activities were updated and new goals were set, with a particular focus on education and communications.

The whole SEG members agreed that the work carried out over the twelve previous months is positive. They confirmed that the road ahead will be challenging and will continue for several years.

At European level, efforts will be required to: i) widen the participatory basis creating and strengthening synergies with civil society organisations that focus on different matters than soils, ii) engage in dialogue with other soil actors, iii) and establish the European Network of artists and communicators on soil. We would also like to draw your attention to the twinning action between Italian and EU Member States local associations, as well as between Italian and European schools.

Attached below the SEG 2018 Activity programme and the current list of the SEG (21 people in total). The implementation of the 2018 Activity programme calls for extra help, therefore we invite anyone with a wish to join the current SEG to directly contact suolo.europa@gmail.com, specifying what activity you would like to participate in.