A card game that helps understand Agroecology

We are always on the lookout for tools that can help convey the importance of protecting the soil without necessarily using difficult scientific arguments. This is why we were excited to find out about an initiative that aims to use games to help people learn about agroecology.

Agro Challenges is a card game that helps young people learn about and understand agroecology through play. It was devised and produced by the Réseau Éducation à la Citoyenneté et à la Solidarité Internationale (Red) for agricultural education. The idea came about during a Franco-Brazilian seminar that set out to devise an educational game that could be used in all secondary schools. It consists of cards setting out the challenges that agriculture currently faces at local and international level. The players (between 3 and 6) can find out how much they know about agroecology while at the same time discussing the economic, dietary and social implications for the farming of the future.

Some of the topics dealt with in the card game are: soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, farming prices, food processing, … each card includes a problem and suggestions for possible solutions. As well as being used in schools, the game could be used by anyone who is interested in the soil and wants to discuss in a relaxed and friendly way the challenges relating to farming, the land, ecology, social aspects, biology, agroecological transition etc.

The cards are only available in French for the moment, but a bilingual version is planned. The game can be bought online. You can see a presentation video in French here