4 per 1000 Initiative: regeneration International

Keeping carbon in the ground is the challenge that the 4 per 1000 Initiative has set itself for the climate and for food. In addition to the political and international support this initiative has received, it has also attracted the support of Regeneration International. This is an international non-profit NGO whose members include well-known figures such as Andre Leu, Vandana Shiva, Hans Herren …

The aim of Regeneration is the relaunch of regenerative farming practices in order to revive local economies and to rebuild the fertility of the soil and biodiversity. In a healthy global ecosystem, regenerative farming and soil use practices give new energy to the planet and allow the world to be fed in a setting of public health, prosperity and peace. Their aims are summed up in their motto: “Cool the Planet. Feed the world.”

Regeneration International has committed itself directly to support the 4 per 1000 Initiative, making a commitment to encourage people to sign up  HERE.

It actively illustrates the initiative (http://regenerationinternational.org/4p1000) and approves its power as a way of facing up to the global crisis of climate change. This global crisis needs a global solution. There are two sides to the same coin: reaching zero emissions; and attaining regenerative farming and the use of the land to extract carbon and sequester it in the soil. It is for this reason that Regeneration International recognizes and supports the validity of the approach put forward by the 4per1000 Initiative.