4 per 1000 Initiative: the collaborative platform is live

The Collaborative Platform, whose outline was announced at the Initiative’s General Meeting in Bonn last November, is now live. Open only to registered members, its purpose is to launch, develop and discuss particular subjects and projects. Available in three languages, it allows members to interact regardless of their location or the topic being discussed.

The Platform can be accessed via this link: https://hub.4p1000.org/, using a password. On first access members are required to give personal details and select subjects of interest from among about a dozen different categories. Members can, however, access all the working groups that form as time goes by, while limiting their engagement to the discussions and projects that interest them. The various groups offer different opportunities to work together. They function mainly as Forums for discussion, as places where documentation can be deposited for reference, as a collaborative space for articles or accounts of different experiences and for sharing events, initiatives, and information relevant to the group’s subject matter.

Naturally this is an on-going operation which will develop in the ways dictated by the participation and use that participants want to make of it. At the start it will be slow because of the novelty of the tool and the distances between members who, it must be remembered, have different cultures and ways of participating and discussing. In this early phase above all, the role of moderator should be given to someone who is already accustomed to using these distance methods of discussion.