Newsletter n.54


1.EXPERIENCES: Never let your guard down – Appeal to the Lazio Regional Authority by the Permanent Territorial Forum of the Energy Park


3.NEWS ABOUT THE SOIL AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS: Research and Innovation for a Zero Hunger World

4.WE ARE NOT ALONE! The experiences of other European States: An example of democratic control – France


Never let your guard down – Appeal to the Lazio Regional Authority by the Permanent Territorial Forum of the Energy Park

In the June 2017 Newsletter we described action taken by Rome residents to protect the area of the former  CISA-SNIA factory which is located close to the city centre on via Prenestina.

The Permanent Territorial Forum of the Parco delle Energie (Energy Park), created by the area’s residents, succeeded in retaining for public use a completely renaturalized area containing a spring-fed lake, the Ex Snia lake. Over the past 5 years this natural environment has been brought to the attention of thousands through community action including various initiatives, meetings, guided visits and workshops. In particular dozens of groups from Roman schools of all types and ages have visited the area and become familiar with its natural treasures. In addition, researchers, scholars and scientists from all over the world have mapped the incredibly rich flora and fauna which find refuge on the edge of one of the most polluted areas in Europe. Continua a leggere “Never let your guard down – Appeal to the Lazio Regional Authority by the Permanent Territorial Forum of the Energy Park”



The “Good Food Good Farming campaign which the SIP Forum has signed up to continues!

It has encouraged local groups and organizations to organize events that are specific to their local area and many different types of group have become involved. On the weekend of 27-28 October rallies  were held in several major European cities, in association with around 70 events in 19 different countries during October, ranging from marches to meetings with ministers, from film festivals to farmers’ markets. The two days at the end of the month were the occasion for initiatives of varying degrees of creativity and impact.

It it worth bearing in mind also that other events took place which were not communicated to the campaign organizers.

The action does not stop here. On 19 November the demands that emerged from the campaign and during the 2 days in October were presented to the Council of Ministers of Agriculture. Their message is to say no to industrial farming and yes to sustainable farming  that is fair and healthy for producers, consumers and the environment and humane towards animals.


The “Sustainable Turn” Project – Frattamaggiore (Naples)

Good news: the SIP Forum is officially committed to supporting the “Sustainable Turn” project of the Cantiere Giovani Social Cooperative in Frattamaggiore (Naples).

What is the Cooperative intending to do?  Intervene on behalf of local communities,with a particular focus on processes of civil participation, inclusion, culture, education, information, development and psychological and physical wellbeing.

With this in mind, the Cooperative submitted a project to There isn’t a Planet B! an initiative that is co-funded by the EU and run by Punto.Sud.

The Forum has decided to become directly involved in the  “Sustainable Turn” project because its aim is to “root out from the minds of citizens accustomed to living in the most heavily built-up part of Italy (North Naples and South Caserta) the idea, developed through force of habit and lack of familiarity with alternatives, that this is normal. To develop a collective awareness of the often unrecognized hardships that are experienced and to promote awareness, mobilization and participation that can help lead to changing course.”

This goal requires elements that the SIP Forum has been analysing and discussing for years, integrating them into the Draft Law that is currently being discussed by both Houses of the Italian Parliament.

In practice the project, which will last for 12 months, aims to increase people’s understanding of the problems caused by excessive building through meetings, production of materials (Toolkits), training of advocates and practical activities. The ultimate aim is to develop civic skills for the defence of the environment in a general population that is more active, informed and aware.

The Suolo Europa Group has offered to provide support on the European dimension for the various actions planned as part of the project.


The European Dimension: Attempts at dialogue

On 5 and 6 November a Forum on Innovation called  “Sustainable Landscapes” took place in London.

We did not take part in the event, and indeed have become rather “choosy” about which meetings, conferences, simposia etc. we take an interest in; but this one is worth a look because both “goodies” and “baddies” attended the Forum.

At the SIP Forum  and the Suolo Europa Group we support dialogue with our  “opponents”, those who consume the soil without showing any concern about what they are doing. Indeed we believe that concrete, sustainable solutions can be created through meetings and dialogue, because these will emerge as a result of the commitment of both sides. Continua a leggere “The European Dimension: Attempts at dialogue”


Research and Innovation for a Zero Hunger World

fame nel mondo

Professor Roberta Sonnino of Cardiff University has kindly sent us, at our request, a summary of her talk given on 16 October at a conference held at the  European Parliament: “Zero World Hunger by 2030 is possible”. The slides that accompanied her presentation are here.

Global initiatives such as the SDGs and the COP21 climate commitments have given us clear targets for creating more sustainable food systems that deliver healthy diets for all. And there has been some progress in the achievement of these targets in a not too distant past. Between 1990 and 2015, the total percentage of hungry people on the planet reduced by nearly half, especially in areas where governments have implemented policies based on poverty alleviation, food security and inclusive growth (e.g., Brazil).

Continua a leggere “Research and Innovation for a Zero Hunger World”


An example of democratic control – France

Land grabbing is a global phenomenon and one that is hard to combat on an individual level. There is a need for specific laws and regulations, along with scrutiny of the area that can only be carried out effectively by the local population. Here we look at the case of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes SAFER which has deliberately set up a structure for democratic oversight of its area.


We described in a previous Newsletter the experiences of some Member States in the protection and maintenance of agricultural land. In the case of France we mentioned SAFERs (Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural) which have been in existence since 1962. They are a public tool for the preservation of farming and forestry activities on agricultural land. They have acquired more and more responsibility as time has passed and today they also deal with services to territorial collettives, decisions on major  infrastructure projects and protection of the environment (natural resources, protection of the landscape etc.)

Continua a leggere “An example of democratic control – France”


13 December Annual meeting in Katowice (Poland)

It’s nearly here: as previously announced, the Initiative’s annual meeting will be held on  13 December at the University of Silesia in Katowice, alongside the 24th Conference on Climate Change (COP24: 3-14 December). This is the second “day” to be held by the Initiative, the first being in Bonn in November 2017. The day will fall into two sections: a plenary session in the morning and early afternoon where experiences of the land will be presented (Third Partners’ Forum); this will be followed in the late afternoon by the fourth general meeting of the Consortium (this is open to members only). A poster session will be held in parallel.

The Day will be preceded by a meeting of the Technical and Scientific Committee (11 and 12 December).

All members and partners (remember that the SIP Forum has been an official partner of the Initiative since its creation in 2015) are invited to take part. Registration is essential.

We would like to draw readers’ attention to two events at COP24 jointly organized by the  4per1000 Initiative. The first, held on 4 December with the CGIAR, is called ” Transforming food systems under a changing climate: From priorities to action”, while the second on 11 December has the title “Soils advantage: Transforming agriculture by recarbonizing the Earth’s soil”.

Any of our readers wishing to attend any of these events are invited to sign up on the Initiative’s website.