Never let your guard down – Appeal to the Lazio Regional Authority by the Permanent Territorial Forum of the Energy Park

In the June 2017 Newsletter we described action taken by Rome residents to protect the area of the former  CISA-SNIA factory which is located close to the city centre on via Prenestina.

The Permanent Territorial Forum of the Parco delle Energie (Energy Park), created by the area’s residents, succeeded in retaining for public use a completely renaturalized area containing a spring-fed lake, the Ex Snia lake. Over the past 5 years this natural environment has been brought to the attention of thousands through community action including various initiatives, meetings, guided visits and workshops. In particular dozens of groups from Roman schools of all types and ages have visited the area and become familiar with its natural treasures. In addition, researchers, scholars and scientists from all over the world have mapped the incredibly rich flora and fauna which find refuge on the edge of one of the most polluted areas in Europe.

Since 25 April 2016 it has been possible to enjoy this area, which is open to the public thanks to the hard work of men and women, young and old who are committed to the Territorial Forum of the Parco delle Energie. This public participation has succeeded in reversing a process of ever-increasing speculative building in an area of the city that is already built-up to saturation point.

The area of the lake and the Ex Snia factory provide a model of a city that is more livable for everyone.

So everything’s OK?

Sadly no. Part of this area still belongs in private hands and is therefore subject to the risk of new attempts at speculative building, which would disrupt the process of renaturalization that is underway and seriously damage the whole ecosystem. This is why the Lazio Regional Authority must intervene to set up a Natural Monument in the Ex Snia area to protect the significantly important ecosystem and the species that have recolonized it. The creation of a Natural Monument would allow the area to be protected and safeguarded for the future, with the possibility of constant and guaranteed enjoyment of it for residents and visitors.

It is not easy to obtain such a decision from the Regional Authority, it requires the support of those who believe that protecting biodiversity and nature leads to a better quality of life for everyone. This is why the Energy Forum has launched an appeal for renewed public support. We ask our readers to support the appeal either by emailing forumenergie@inventati.org or by going directly to the website.

For further information please contact: Matilde Fracassi matilde.fracassi@gmail.com