The “Sustainable Turn” Project – Frattamaggiore (Naples)

Good news: the SIP Forum is officially committed to supporting the “Sustainable Turn” project of the Cantiere Giovani Social Cooperative in Frattamaggiore (Naples).

What is the Cooperative intending to do?  Intervene on behalf of local communities,with a particular focus on processes of civil participation, inclusion, culture, education, information, development and psychological and physical wellbeing.

With this in mind, the Cooperative submitted a project to There isn’t a Planet B! an initiative that is co-funded by the EU and run by Punto.Sud.

The Forum has decided to become directly involved in the  “Sustainable Turn” project because its aim is to “root out from the minds of citizens accustomed to living in the most heavily built-up part of Italy (North Naples and South Caserta) the idea, developed through force of habit and lack of familiarity with alternatives, that this is normal. To develop a collective awareness of the often unrecognized hardships that are experienced and to promote awareness, mobilization and participation that can help lead to changing course.”

This goal requires elements that the SIP Forum has been analysing and discussing for years, integrating them into the Draft Law that is currently being discussed by both Houses of the Italian Parliament.

In practice the project, which will last for 12 months, aims to increase people’s understanding of the problems caused by excessive building through meetings, production of materials (Toolkits), training of advocates and practical activities. The ultimate aim is to develop civic skills for the defence of the environment in a general population that is more active, informed and aware.

The Suolo Europa Group has offered to provide support on the European dimension for the various actions planned as part of the project.