S.164 (Senate) and C.63 (Chamber of Deputies)

There’s an amusing video on the internet:

A man with a suitcase arrives in a square, looks around him and says to a passer-by: “Excuse me, I have to get to the station “. The man gives him a puzzled look and says: “Well, go on then”.

We mention it here because it sums up the lack of mutual understanding which often affects communication between people.

We were reminded of the clip when looking at the websites of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Senate, where the proposals for a law to safeguard the soil are building up. In just a few months, the number has reached a dozen, starting with those put forward by the SIP Forum in March with the numbers S.164 for the Senate and C.63 for the Chamber (the full list of proposals is here).

Even a cursory reading is sufficient to show why they have been put forward and to understand “cui bono“.

Could they be combined without damaging the basic principles of safeguarding soil fertility?

If communication remains at the levels shown in the clip mentioned above, the task will be not only difficult but interminable.

If, on the other hand, people listen to the calls emerging from the demonstrations to protect the environment held in many EU cities on 2 December 2018 (in conjunction with the COP 24 in Katowice, Poland), then perhaps we can see the ‘way to the station‘.

Nevertheless, we wish the Senate Commission which started to analyse the proposals in October every success in its work.