The Sète appeal

The 4per1000 Initiative has recreated the conditions for a piece of research based on interaction and dialogue: from those active in sustainable development to researchers to representatives of civil society, from professionals to political representatives. This is not enough, however: adequate financing is needed to respond with research to the urgent requirements of climate change.

Research labs must produce new scientific evidence that includes the “4 per 1000” approach in order to inform future political decisions. In order to achieve this and contribute effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the 4per1000 Initiative must become a national and international research programme. The appeal is directed at France, but it holds true for all European and non-European states.

HERE the essence of the appeal launched at Sète (France) on 7 and 8 November, signed by researchers from France, Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, Senegal, and Morocco, and attached below.