4 per 1000 Initiative: 4th Meeting of the Initiative, Katowice

Some important steps were taken at the 4th meeting of the Initiative, held in Katowice on 13 December 2018. We invite everyone to read the following, which sets out how the Initiative will be strengthened and structured.

We draw your attention in particular to the programme for 2019, which has 6 main themes:

  • Work of the Scientific and Technical Committee: Set the direction of scientific research and cooperation; Assess projects for presentation to potential funders; Produce documents that specifically relate to 4 per 1000.
  • Enhance the collaborative platform and its operation: Identify all the Initiative’s partners; Identify the location of members and partners; Gather information on farming and forestry practices; Activities to be developed in all of the Forum’s groups; Creation of a new group “Friends of the 4 per 1000”.
  • Specific activities with potential public and private funders.
  • Create a regional or continental level of the Initiative.
  • Contribute to international discussions on carbon storage in the soil.
  • Pay more attention to communications.

Further details can be found here

One final piece of information: the presence of Italian institutions in the Initiative is growing. i) The new members include ERVET – Valorizzazione Economica Territorio della Regione Emilia Romagna (which promotes the economic enhancement of the Emilia Romagna region), ii) Nucleo Ricerca Desertificazione, a research group in desertification based at Sassari University, iii) and the consulting group Timesis.

Canada and Vietnam have also formally joined, while Italy has not as yet. For this reason the SIP forum, which had already lobbied the previous government, will renew its calls for the relevant Italian Ministries to look at the possibility of officially signing up to the Initiative.