1.EXPERIENCES: Examples of Environmental Education


3.NEWS ON THE SOIL AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS: Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Examples of Environmental Education

This Newsletter has always stressed the importance of environmental education as a powerful tool for improving the living conditions of current and future generations. Millions of young people all over the world have raised their voices to ask for a radical change in atttitude from the political classes who continue to fail to manage the causes and effects of climate change. Does this mean that environmental education has worked?

Perhaps it means the opposite, in that there has not been enough of it, meaning that young people have had to ask the questions and look for the answers themselves.

We should therefore have even greater respect for those who, despite all the limitations imposed by lack of funds and ideological or self-interested opposition, have succeeded in developing effective training. This is the case of the Laboratorio del Riciclo Creativo (Creative Recycling Lab) of Ascoli Piceno who since February have been organizing sessions on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings where adults and children work together, get to know each other and share their love of nature and the environment. Continua a leggere “Examples of Environmental Education”


Soil Europe Group – Working Programme for 2019

As we announced in a previous newsletter, the online meeting of the Soil Europe Group was held on 23 and 24 February. Although the meeting is a virtual one, it allows us to assess what has been done in the past year and decide on what to do in 2019.

This was the fourth online meeting, and although there is now a well-established way of discussing and participating we are starting to feel the lack of a ‘real-life’ meeting. One of the recommendations was therefore to look at how the next meeting should be organized in order to increase particpation even further.

We would like to draw your attention to the following points: i) there was unanimous appreciation for what the SEG achieved in 2018; ii) the SEG must work to draw the attention of the Save the Landscape Forum (SIP Forum) to the European dimension of the soil which is often underestimated; iii) the SEG’s main objective must be the creation of a European Forum to Safeguard the Soil, Land and Landscape; iv) it is essential to involve young people, especially through offering them concrete opportunities.

Here the 2019 programme of activities along with the makeup of the ESG as determined by the online meeting.


EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association)

Established in 2006 EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association) represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management and sustainable wood production as major concerns. The Association currently has 34 members in 24 European countries, the Italian member is the Associazione Nazionale delle Attività Regionali Forestali (ANARF).

EUSTAFOR serves as a common platform for its members to share experiences and to learn from each other. As a forum for European state forest management organizations, EUSTAFOR advocates the positive results of the management of state forests as a contribution to society, particularly in terms of achieving European sustainability strategies. Continua a leggere “EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association)”


Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

“Take a good look at yourself” is an expression that sums up the need to decide who we are and what we want. So let’s gird our loins and take a look at the study Europe’s approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: good practices and the way forward. In over 160 pages the study analyses the attainment of the 17 SDGs in each EU member state.

The study was carried out at the request of the European Parliament and is the “mirror” in which we need to scrutinize ourselves. The EU’s image emerges from the comparison of the data from all 28 States and gives us an idea of the state of activities and development policies at EU level.

The snapshot that emerges is, fortunately, if not reassuing then at least not damning for the EU. We are still the area of the world with the most advanced legislation and the highest level of attention to the safeguarding of the environment and of people’s health. Furthermore, every EU member state is progressively carrying out changes that take the SDGs into account. Continua a leggere “Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”


The ELO (European Landowners’ Organization) Soil and Land prize

ELO – the European Landowners’ Organisation –  was founded in 1972. Its members consist of landowners’ organizations from almost every State Member of the EU. Its mission is as follows: “ELO is committed to promoting a sustainable and prosperous countryside and to increasing awareness relating to environmental and agricultural issues.

ELO contributes to close cooperation between rural communities and, through numerous projects that are cofinanced by the European Commission, aims to counteract rural depopulation caused by urbanization and globalization. Set up as a forum for different rural stakeholders, it functions as a platform for the analysis of local problems connected with the implementation of European legislation. Continua a leggere “The ELO (European Landowners’ Organization) Soil and Land prize”


Letter inviting Ministers to sign up and the “4per1000 Newsletter”

1) As previously announced, on 28 February the Save the Landscape (SIP) Forum wrote officially to the Italian Minister for the Environment, Sergio Costa, and the Italian Minister for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism Gian Marco Centinaio, inviting Italy to formally sign up to the 4per1000 Initiative.

2) We would also like to point out that the Initiative has its own Newsletter!

The first issue, in July 2018, was mainly dedicated to information about the organization and preparations for the Katowice meeting. Continua a leggere “Letter inviting Ministers to sign up and the “4per1000 Newsletter””