Letter inviting Ministers to sign up and the “4per1000 Newsletter”

1) As previously announced, on 28 February the Save the Landscape (SIP) Forum wrote officially to the Italian Minister for the Environment, Sergio Costa, and the Italian Minister for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism Gian Marco Centinaio, inviting Italy to formally sign up to the 4per1000 Initiative.

2) We would also like to point out that the Initiative has its own Newsletter!

The first issue, in July 2018, was mainly dedicated to information about the organization and preparations for the Katowice meeting.

The second (November 2018) and third editions (January 2019) give a wealth of information about all the current activities, with details of the initiatives and projects that the partners have undertaken. Since the 3rd issue the newsletter has been available in Spanish, as well as French and English. The Newsletters start with an editorial from the Executive Secretary Paul Luu, followed by news about the collaborative platform which was launched in September 2018. The third issue has an account of the meetings held in Katowice, including links to the documents that have been made available. The bulk of the Newsletters is dedicated to the numerous projects that the partners and members are carrying out all over the world. It is therefore possible to get a clear picture of who is doing what, where and with what results.

We hope this newsletter will become a real means of communication both for members of the consortium and for anyone who is interested, including politicians and administrators whose job it is to deal with the soil, the land and landscapes.

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