Soil Europe Group – Working Programme for 2019

As we announced in a previous newsletter, the online meeting of the Soil Europe Group was held on 23 and 24 February. Although the meeting is a virtual one, it allows us to assess what has been done in the past year and decide on what to do in 2019.

This was the fourth online meeting, and although there is now a well-established way of discussing and participating we are starting to feel the lack of a ‘real-life’ meeting. One of the recommendations was therefore to look at how the next meeting should be organized in order to increase particpation even further.

We would like to draw your attention to the following points: i) there was unanimous appreciation for what the SEG achieved in 2018; ii) the SEG must work to draw the attention of the Save the Landscape Forum (SIP Forum) to the European dimension of the soil which is often underestimated; iii) the SEG’s main objective must be the creation of a European Forum to Safeguard the Soil, Land and Landscape; iv) it is essential to involve young people, especially through offering them concrete opportunities.

Here the 2019 programme of activities along with the makeup of the ESG as determined by the online meeting.