An internship opportunity in Brussels

The European Soil Group and the SIP Forum have decided to start creating opportunities for young people who are interested in the soil/land/landscape to take part in and become involved in its activities.

With this in mind, we want to put together a group of university students who will be offered the opportunity to write their theses on subjects suggested by the  Forum. It is expected that the young people who become involved, who will be students at Italian universities, not necessarily the same one, will be put in touch with one another so they can work collaboratively. In addition to motivation, they will have to be in possession of the necessary means to get in grips with the situations existing in other EU member states.

One of the first initiatives relates to the European dimension of the soil and will be managed in particular by the GSE. For this reason, it will involve an internship of around three months in  Brussels for which funding will be available.

The aim of this is to show that it is possible to work with young people on the matters that concern us, with the possibility that other groups,  institutions, and organizations will follow our example and decide to support similar initiatives.

The work and content will be decided jointly by the GSE – SIP Forum, the students and the professors and teachers who will support them in their work. In brief it will be a question of: sharing data and knowledge, analysis of documents identified jointly, preparation of questionnaires, internship in Brussels, analysis of the data, writing and defence of the thesis.

Any young people who are interested in finding out more about the internship should write directly to suolo.europa@gmail.com with the subject: Internship.