4p1000 Regional Strategies

Increasing soil carbon sequestration through sustainable resource use and the introduction of economically sound and environmentally viable management practices has multiple benefits, which should not be outweighed by negative impacts.

The Technical Scientific Secretariat of the 4×1000 Initiative carried out in 2019 a collection of ideas, information, and experiences on region-specific sustainable management practices to increase soil carbon sequestration. The related papers are intended to be published in a Special Issue of the international journal ‘Regional Environmental Change’ (SpringerNature, impact factor: 3.1) with the title: ‘Sustainable management practices to increase soil carbon sequestration: what are their contribution to climate change mitigation, adaptation and food security in different ecosystems and regions of the world?’.

The Springer Journal’s special issue will provide for each of the five continents a specific overview of SOC sequestration possibilities, adequate and innovative practices and their benefits for climate change mitigation, adaptation, the resilience of food systems, and food security.

The full manuscripts of the papers, already proposed for last December, are expected for June 1st, 2020. Once published they will be a source of inspiration for many farmers and land users around the world.