SIP FORUM – Two candidates for an internship in Brussels!

Through its Gruppo Suolo Europa (European Soil Group) the SIP Forum aims to create study opportunities on subjects related to the soil/land/landscape and the related European aspects. On March 1st a specific call went out from the SIP Forum website.

 15 people expressed interest, and of these 9 sent in a CV. Seven agreed to be interviewed online by 2 GSE members.

The qualities assessed were: self presentation (personal characteristics, ability to express yourself); professional competence; comprehension (the Forum’s draft legislation, Round Table at the EP); ability to summarize (and give an account in English).

Out of the 7 candidates, several of whom were very strong, two candidates emerged who began a preparatory phase in the first week of April.

We would like to thank everyone who responded to our invitation and agreed to go through the selection process.

We would like to remind everyone that the final internship should form part of a piece of work to be agreed with the teaching staff of the candidate’s university.

Unfortunately the money provided by the SIP Forum is sufficient for only one person. But this is not and should not be a limiting factor, since the GSE will attempt to find another source of finance that will allow both successful candidates to take up the internship.