Letter to the European Institutions asking for an immediate halt to soil consumption

“To jump over the obstacle you have to get off the ground”

This proverb explains the SIP Forum’s decision to act in a  European context. At this moment of turbulence in the realms of health, the economy, politics and democracy it was necessary to put down an immediate marker on the question of protecting European soils: the obligation to halt the sealing of fertile soils throughout the Union.

The request was sent to those in charge of the Commission, Parliament, Council, Committee of the Regions, and the Economic and Social Committee, a total of around 25 individuals. The text was produced in Italian, German, French and English. The complete original versions of the 5 letters are available on our website .

This is the most important section:

 “Dear Madams, Dear Sirs,

Soil is not yet covered by a specific European directive and is increasingly at risk of degradation and loss.

This is why we highlight the importance of including in all the documents under discussion in the Community Institutions the immediate obligation to halt the consumption of fertile soil. Such a direction would in no way lead to a halt to the construction sector.

On the contrary, this perspective is the only one that can combine the safeguarding of further land consumption with the vast sectoral activity indispensable for recovering, improving energy, securing the immense existing stock of obsolete building, and continuing with the work of modernizing and restructuring houses and other buildings in rural towns and villages so as to favour technological adaptation.


A copy of our message has been sent to all the major European press agencies.