Pro Natura Cuneo

Pro Natura Cuneo, established on 9 January 1965, was the first environmental association in the province of Cuneo. It owed its existence to some prominent figures of the time, as well as bodies such as the Province and Comune of Cuneo, the Chamber of Commerce, the local savings bank, the local forestry commission, the education authority, and the provincial tourist board.

It is noteworthy that public bodies felt the necessity, in the face of the abuses that were starting to damage the land, to gather around them some of the most prominent members of the Cuneo intelligentsia at the time in order to create an independent association whose aim was to protect nature. The slogan that was chosen and kept when the Statute was revised tells us a great deal, speaking as it does of that moment in history and indicating the intent of the new association: “Make Nature known, because by knowing it we come to love it and in loving it we protect it”.

One of the first aims of Pro Natura was education. Annual series of meetings on environmental subjects have taken place successfully and continuously since 1965, with a special focus on schools: training courses for teachers (recognized by the Ministry for Education), sessions in schools, involvement of students in research on topics such as light pollution, protection of water resources, safeguarding the landscape, the exploitation of the soil etc.

In summary, the statutory aims of Pro Natura Cuneo are:

1) to promote and spread understanding of and respect for nature.

2) to protect the natural heritage against destruction and damage

3) to increase nature awareness especially among young people

In order to meet these aims, Pro Natura Cuneo intends to:

  1. a) encourage the development of a correct attitude towards nature, in all social settings through publications, talks, films, guided walks, exhibitions (of which there have been many, since the first in 1995 on the peat bogs of the Pian del Re at Crissolo, to the most recent last January on “Paperoles, paper worlds”), etc. As mentioned above, particular attention is paid to the world of education and to educators. There is an increased focus on educational research and experimentation on environmental themes, providing the necessary tools to make teaching more effective in the interests of both students and society as a whole.
  2. b) facilitate the establishment of natural parks, protective oases and nature reserves.
  3. c) maintain the protection of the landscape and of the historical and artistic heritage through the creation of local green areas of public interest.
  4. d) create links with other environmental groups at local, regional and national level.

Between 1997 and 2019 Pro Natura Cuneo was listed in the Regional Register of Voluntary groups in the section “Protection and enhancement of the environment” and thus belonged to the Voluntary Associations sector. It is now a Social Promotion Association (APS).

It belongs to Pro Natura Piedmont and the national Pro Natura Federation.

For more information, contact Domenico Sanino: www.pronaturacuneo.it