At the heart of the soil – APAD (France)

Founded in 1998 the Association for the promotion of sustainable agriculture (APAD) brings together farmers, technical experts and regional associations from all over France. The group promotes sustainable farming through over 1000 “farmers and technicians, who identify, develop, master, reproduce and promote farming techniques that lead to the protection of the soil “.

APAD has three main aims: i) Contribute to increased awareness of the problems associated with soil conservation; ii) Establish an agriculture that conserves the soil as well as an agriculture that serves citizens, guaranteeing high-quality production at reasonable cost while preserving the environment; iii) Support farmers to progress in their farming practice that conserves the soil.

Their important and interesting debate held on 4 September 2020 with the title

Au coeur du sol” is well worth a watch (1h:15′, in French):