Centro Planta in Palermo

If you bring together university professors of environmental studies and professional plant growers and ask them to look at the land and landscapes of Sicily, you get … PLANTA – Mediterranean Centre for Research, Documentation and Training, formally established in December 2019.

Planta is a centre for study, research, training and documentation located in Palermo and focused on the environment, biodiversity, protected areas, parks, urban green spaces, gardens and the landscape, as well as natural treasures such as ancient trees, herbaria, vegetable gardens and botanical gardens.

“The aims of the Association are to carry out, encourage and disseminate studies connected with native and exotic flora, both wild and cultivated, natural and cultural biodiversity, natural and planted forests, protected areas, parks and urban green spaces as well as the study of archeological sites, gardens and the landscape, in order to develop multidisciplinary approaches to their protection, conservation, recovery, restoration and appreciation.”

Planta wishes to contact other similar national and international organizations in order to create connections between them, building networks in Italy and beyond. Particular attention will be paid to scholars and researchers from both Mediterranean and tropical countries. Planta will also set up high-school and professional training courses in the fields of conservation and biodiversity (both on- and off-site), of cultural and environmental goods and botanic museology.

We would like to wish Planta well in their work and thank the founders for setting up this great initiative.


Further info: direzione@centroplantapalermo.org