Roadmap for the new strategy for the soil

On 5 November 2020 the European Commission published its Roadmap for the New strategy for the soil: healthy soil for a healthy life.

This is a concise – just four pages – description of the situation and an indication of the various phases to be gone through. The public consultation took place between November and December 2020, and consultations with specific experts in the various member states, the EU’s institutions and particularly the European Environment Agency will be completed by the end of spring 2021. The work should end with the production of a text, before summer 2021.

The aim of the new European soil strategy will be the protection of European soils in the contexts that have already been set out both internationally and within the EU. This aim will be achieved by:

  • Promoting the adoption of sustainable soil management practices
  • Setting out actions to restore degraded soils and secure sufficient EU funding to this end
  • Improving the monitoring of soil quality
  • Adapting and improving the relevant EU policy  framework in  line  with the European  Green  Deal objectives on climate neutrality, zero pollution, sustainable food systems and resilient ecosystems
  • Developing knowledge and research
  • Accelerating the transition towards sustainable soil management and the necessary behavioural change
  • Steering  EU  global  action  on  soil  under  the  Rio  Conventions,  EU  external action  and  development cooperation.