Another world is possible!

The World Social Forum 2021 (WSF) was held “in silence” from 23 to 31 January 2021. We say “in silence” because the media largely ignored this online event, which attracted over 9,000 participants and 1300 organizations from 144 countries, discussing over 800 different subjects. It was not just a celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the first Forum held in 2001 in Brazil, but a relaunch of contacts, ideas and activities. It has been reaffirmed that “Another world is possible!” and that it is even more necessary and urgent.

The organizational effort was enormous and demonstrated all the vitality and capacity of civil society. The programme touches on and links different disciplines and sectors and the dialogues were structured around the themes of War and Peace, Economic Justice, Education, Communication and Culture, Feminisms, Society and Diversity, Indigenous and Ancestral Peoples, Democracy, Social Justice and Climate, Ecology and Environment.

January 30th was dedicated to self-managed Assemblies for the creation of a programme of connected actions, ideas, political and cultural expressions of the movements and civil society. These initiatives are part of a common Calendar , which will pave the way for the next WSF to be held in Mexico City in 2022.

More information and recordings of the WSF are available on YouTube.

Let’s end the silence!