A course on the soil for the “curious”

If we ask a soil researcher to explain what soil is, we would probably not understand much of the answer, not because they are being difficult but because they see it through specialist eyes. Yet soil scientists should be able to pass on information clearly, especialy to those whose job is to communicate such as actors, journalists, artists, writers … Unfortunately there is still a big gap in the provision of information and details on the importance of the soil, between university courses on the one hand and little snippets aimed at elementary and secondary schools on the other.

This is why we are featuring an online course with the title Il Suolo è Vita (Soil is Life) which has been created with the specific purpose of explaining the importance of the soil for survival and thus the need to take care of it.  The speakers work with and use the soil, but above all they love it. The aim is to bring those who are curious about the soil to an understanding of its complexity, revealing its secrets in order to assess its state of health.

Divided into 9 chapters (with suggestions for practical activities and fieldwork), it teaches you how to make compost and biochar, and to enrich the soil with microrganisms and waste material following the ethics and principles of permaculture. The organisational effort behind it is particularly impressive: it includes over 6 hours of exclusive film and images.

We should stress that this is not a “soil for dummies” course, rather it is aimed at “curious minds” who want to understand the origins of life.

More info from: Francesca del Bosco boscodiogigia@gmail.com