Pearls of wisdom from the SINOSOIL project

Not many people know about the SINOSOIL research project: funded by the European Commission to design, implement and test a shared China‐EU Web Observatory platform that will provide Open Linked Data to monitor the status of and threats to the soil. The project’s main aim is to assist in decision-making for sustainable support of agro‐ecosystem functions, in view of projected climate change. The final target is to support sustainable management of soil, increase land productivity sustainably, reduce crop yield variability across time and space, and support the policy formulation process. The Project (from June 2019 to May 2022) involves 23 partners, 16 in Europe and 7 in China.

We are highlighting it not so much because of its research but because of its website which carries up-to-date information about the soil and its management. The homepage includes notes, videos and information intelligently put together and made available, introducing the themes with short, easily understandable summaries. “Pearls of wisdom” about the soil are added more or less weekly.

Here are some of the headings:

  • How to bring life to dying soils
  • New ways to less soil pressure
  • Keep soil alive animation
  • How many living microorganisms can you find in a handful of soil?
  • Measuring soil carbon levels with a handheld probe
  • Looking for soil related legislation ?
  • 7 Fascinating Facts about Soil