Recovery PlanET

GNDE – Civil Society 

There is a clear split between what is needed to save the planet and what is decided by the policies put forward by those we help to elect. Unfortunately basic “common sense” (not to mention those much-abused terms sustainable development and ecological transition) does not enter the logic of political reasoning. Even to talk about ending the old capitalist system based on the unlimited exploitation of natural resources continues to be regarded as blasphemy.

Yet there are some proposals and ideas that allow us to hope for better things. We invite readers to read Recovery PlanET, produced by a large group of people who relied on their own common sense, and already supported by more than 1400 groups and individuals. This is nothing less than a plan – presented in a big online meeting on 6 March 2021 – for emerging from the current social, environmental and democractic crisis. It relies on a few clear directions of travel that involve the foundations of our society, incorporating them in the fundamental concept: creating a society of care in the broadest sense of the word.

Here is a short section from the introduction: “The pages you are about to read – a first, important step but not an exhaustive one – attempt to show a different perspective: not just criticism of what exists, not just the defence of a right or a common good, but a challenge for a different kind of society, which sets taking care against predation, equitable cooperation against competitive solitude, the “us” of equality and difference against the “I” of domination and uniformity. For this reason we start with an ecofeminist reflection as an interpretation and a new paradigm for the ending of the profit-based economy and the construction of a society of care. In these pages you will find analyses, suggestions and concrete proposals. It is the job of all of us to convert them into actions, struggles and social mobilisations.

The future is too important to be left in the hands of the financial markets.”

Their proposal aims to bring together the energies of and create synergies between environmental movements and volunteer organisations which continue to act in a haphazard manner. Disputes among organisations, groups and committees are a sign of vitality and a recognition that there are many different strategies and sensibilities. The common aim must, however, remain the protection of the environment, including the human environment. This means staying united and not wasting resources, experiences, sacrifices. Organisations that operate at national and European level are in difficulty locally and vice versa. We can all complement one another if we make an effort to listen and understand.

The moment has arrived for XR, FFF (Fridays for Future), GNDE and the EEB (European Environmental Bureau) – to mention just a few – to come together in one great movement capable of making “common sense” the guiding principle of our society that is currently bent on self destruction. We don’t need a single leader or guide, we just need to come together to declare our right to an eco-compatible future.