Webmeeting – Soil is Life, is Food, is the Future

The SIP Forum together with its partner association “Lasolastrada” is organising a webmeeting in English on 28 June (18:00-21:00) with the title: “Soil is Life, is Food, is the Future“. The meeting is included in the list of events of the “All4Climate – Italy 2021” Programme promoting 2021 as the Year of Climate Ambition, @PreCop26ITA and @Connect4Climate using the hashtag #All4ClimateItaly2021. This means it is under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of the Environment, co-organiser with the UK of the upcoming COP26 on the Climate.

The webmeeting will be in three sections: a) identification of soil problems and solutions; b) recommendations for COP26 which will be held in Glasgow, UK in November 2021; c) the emergence of convergences – comparative analysis by commentators not involved in the round table.

The meeting will be attended by representatives from farmers’ associations, organic producers, builders, experts in land law, planners, administrators, representatives of the food industry, and of European and international institutions.

The programme is still in preparation and updates can be found on the dedicated webpage.

Places are limited, so those who wish to attend are urged to register as soon as possible HERE: https://www.lasolastrada.it/registration/

More info from: suolo.europa@gmail.com