HEAL – Health Environment Alliance

The current pandemic has obliged us all to reconsider deeply the relationship between health and the environment. This is the mandate of the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), a not-for-profit body with over 90 member organizations across the 53 countries of the WHO European Region.

HEAL works to shape laws and policies that promote planetary and human health and protect those most affected by pollution. Thus, HEAL “integrates health prevention into environment policy, urban planning and sustainable development by informing and empowering people and policy makers about the benefits to health of reducing environmental pollution.

HEAL’s main aim is to get “A world that is free of health-harming chemicals, where the air we breathe and food we eat are health promoting; and a future in which we have transitioned to a toxic free, de-carbonised, climate resilient and sustainable economy and way of life.”

HEAL has four fields of action: Health & diseases; Toxic chemicals; Climate & energy; Air quality.

We were attracted by HEAL’s campaign: “10 ways to protect our health and the environment“.

Here is their mission: “Preventing environmental pollution can save lives. There is clear scientific evidence on how environmental, chemical and air pollution as well as climate change threaten and impact our health. Europe has a real opportunity to protect and improve Europeans’ health and prevent major chronic health epidemics – here are ten ways how.”

1. A healthy planet for healthy people; 2. Protection of the most vulnerable; 3. Climate action for health; 4. An EDC-free future [EDC=Endocrine-disrupting chemicals]; 5. Clean up the air we breathe; 6. Stop pesticides to promote health; 7. Healthy, renewable and efficient energy; 8. A toxic-free future; 9. Healthy mobility; 10. A safe and toxic-free environment.