World Location Day

“Think global, act local” is one of the slogans launched years ago to indicate that we are all connected to each other. Covid19 is perhaps the clearest example of what this slogan means.

Localization is about bringing the economy home–back to a human scale. It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible. Localizing economies can strengthen community cohesion and lead to greater human health and material wellbeing, all while reducing pollution and the degradation of the natural world. It is not about isolationism or putting an end to international trade. It is simply about rebuilding human-scale economic structures by producing what we need closer to home.

Perhaps it will be possible to understand the concept better and more concretely from the World Location Day, which will be held again this year from 15th to 20th June.

In 2020, people from 172 countries tuned into World Localization Day, which included contributions from Noam Chomsky, Russell Brand, Vandana Shiva and many others.

World Localization Day is an unmissable opportunity to understand, discover, and learn ways of life and solutions to organize a life based on the principles of connection and diversity.

More info: https://worldlocalizationday.org/

Video: https://worldlocalizationday.org/localization/