A manifesto to democratise Europe

The EU will be democratised. Or it will disintegrate!

This is the title and the challenge that the Manifesto to democratise Europe is presenting to the entire EU.

The ‘call to arms’ – which is both provocative and realistic – calls on all European citizens to wake up and act, identifying the following urgent priorities:

“Our immediate priority is (A) full transparency in decision-making (e.g. live-streaming of European Council, Ecofin and Eurogroup meetings, full disclosure of trade negotiation documents, publication  of ECB minutes etc.) and (B) the urgent redeployment of existing EU institutions in the pursuit  of innovative policies that genuinely address the crises of debt, banking, inadequate investment,  rising poverty and migration.”

The Manifesto was followed by a fruitful debate which led to the production of What Europe must do now!: a Progressive Agenda focusing on public health, shared prosperity, and sustainable peace. The three sets of policies proposed by the first unified pan-European movement are absolutely consistent with the letter of the EU Treaties.

Their implementation will bring together:

•   protection of public health throughout the European continent

•   solidarity with neighbouring and all other countries, which is not only a moral duty for Europe but also the only effective measure against pandemics that do not respect borders

•   development and financing of the Green Transition without which both society and the Planet will decline

•   adoption of public funding tools for the benefit of many – tools currently widely used for the benefit of the very few.

We will return to these points in more detail in upcoming newsletters.

Manifesto: https://diem25.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/diem25_english_long.pdf