Hidden arms spending

2020 was a horrible year for most people, including economically. For some, though, this was not the case. Think of the multinational drug companies, for example, or the tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon etc. Another group have seen their profits soar in silence: arms producers.

To find out about it we have to consult the report of the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute): the data show that globally there has been the highest ever recorded increase: 2.6%, a total of $1961 billion.

Let’s spell that out in figures: $ 1,961,000,000,000.

The lion’s share belonged to the US, together with China, India, Russia and the UK; and, somewhat surprisingly, Africa is the continent with the largest percentage increase at 5%, even though all the African countries put together do not reach the investment levels of the other countries mentioned.

The obvious question is: how can we accept this, when the number of deaths from Covid is approaching 4 million?

The only possible explanation is that often attributed to Einstein: “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and … I am not so sure about the universe”.