The European Green Deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Our attention has been drawn to an article by Laura Basu on the Green Deal with the title ‘Six reasons why the EU isn’t as green as it claims’. The subtitle is even more explicit: “Don’t be fooled: the European Green Deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be“.

What are these 6 reasons? The European Green Deal:

1) Clings to the dogma of economic growth

2) Is built on ‘green colonialism’

3) Is funding big polluters

4) Buys into false solutions

5) Is being hijacked by corporate lobbyists

6) Is kneecapped by the Energy Charter Treaty

The article attacks directly the feeble solutions that have been proposed and shows why they will not substantially alter the environmental situation in the EU. It is no longer enough to maintain an EU based on ever weaker compromises. It’s time for bold policies that stand a chance of limiting the environmental damage caused by humans. Unfortunately, neither the Green Deal nor the latest agreements at the G7 lay the foundations for a possible future that respects environmental limits.