Follow up to the Round Table “Soil is Life, is Food, is Future” (SLFF)

The Round Table held on 28 June set in motion a process of analysis and a production of ideas that will need further work.  The work of transcribing the contributions has started, and should be completed by the middle of September. Then will follow the preparation of recommendations for COP26 which will be sent out for comment and analysis.

Readers of this Newsletter will be invited to send in their comments.

Some readers have asked us to create an Italian version of the minutes of the Round Table. Unfortunately we are currently unable to undertake this task as we are busy with preparing recommendations and texts to be published in English. If a group of volunteers would like to undertake the translation, however, we would be very happy to work with them.

Below are the links to the complete recording of the Round Table on YouTube and to the videos made available by the event “Soil is Life, is Food, is Future”: 

·        Complete recording: https://youtu.be/vnExBaT8PzM

·        Video “I am the soil” with Riccardo Mei: https://youtu.be/kMpOHMLmjD8

·        Video “Lumbricus terrestris” with Barbara Geiger”: https://youtu.be/3_dz30F7I5Y

         (5 minute version produced exclusively for this event)

·        Video “Lumbricus terrestris” with Barbara Geiger”:

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVT8B-jKH3Q (complete version, 15 minutes)