Energy technology based on deep geothermal energy

Advertising is the soul of commerce, and at the same time can draw attention to new possibilities and solutions that do not yet exist. We are referring to a new technology based on deep geothermal energy that has recently been presented in Europe.

We are accustomed to speak about geothermal energy at a depth of a few dozen meters or about the capture and transformation of hot geothermal springs. The novelty comes in a technology tested by Canadian researchers that captures thermal energy from depths of several kilometers. The idea developed out of studying the technologies used in fracking to extract oil and gas from bedrock. According to the Canadians this new technology allows thermal heat existing at great depths to be channelled towards turbines that transform it into energy, but energy that is clean and non-polluting, and potentially inexhaustible. In addition, it would not be subject to the vagaries of the climate, like wind and solar energy. The problems connected with the drilling and channelling of thermal heat sources seem to have been resolved.

Will new fertile soil be consumed? The website says not, and indeed that the activity could be concentrated in decommissioned urban areas. Will it have to be seen to be believed?