GNDE as a great European Forum

We have been asked to repeat the aims of the GNDE. We would stress that we regard the GNDE as a great Forum in which the energies to bring about radical change in European environmental and social policies converge. Below is a short explanation.

“The Green New Deal for Europe is an international campaign for a swift, just, and democratic transition to a sustainable Europe. Founded in April 2019 by DiEM25, the Green New Deal for Europe campaign aims to unite Europe’s communities, unions, parties, and activists behind a shared vision of environmental justice.”

It means:

“Fighting for a swift transition away from fossil fuels that protects frontline communities, empowers workers, and redresses Europe’s historic role in resource extraction around the world.”

This is possible through four key steps:

  1. Crafting a shared vision

We are building a broad coalition of citizens, research organisations and civil society groups to contribute to a shared vision of Europe’s ecological transformation.

  • Building People Power

We are training a generation of activists to organise their communities, grow our movement, write for a public audience, and advance our shared vision in diverse communities across the continent.

  • Building Political Power

We are mobilising to disrupt business as usual, deploying our people power to advocate for our shared vision on the streets.

  • Constructing a new common sense

We are deploying our political power in the media, across all levels of government, and in our communities to shift the policy paradigm and build a new common sense.https://diem25.org/campaign/green-new-deal/