JRC (Joint Research Centre) Report on the impact of the CAP on the environment

A report on the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and its impact on Green Deal, Farm to Fork, EU Biodiversity Strategy, was published by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) on 11 August. Its title is “Modelling environmental and climate ambition in the agricultural sector with the CAPRI model”. In synthesis, it analyses the impact of the CAP reform with respect to selected environmental indicators, production, income, prices.

“The report presents a modelled scenario of an ambitious implementation of the CAP reform proposals to measure the effects on EU agriculture including four quantitative targets put forward in the F2F and BDS strategies already reflected in the recommendations of the Commission to the Member States on their CAP Strategic Plans. These targets were selected as the ones with the greatest potential to affect agricultural environment and production. Moreover, those are the targets to which the CAP can provide specific contribution.

The analysis includes a reduction of the risk and use of pesticides, a reduction of nutrient surplus, an increase of area under organic farming, and an increase of area for high-diversity landscape features. The impacts are modelled under three scenarios. One is a status quo scenario assuming no change in the CAP compared to its implementation during 2014-2020. The other two scenarios include a potential implementation of the CAP post 2020 legal proposal targeting these objectives, both with and without the targeted use of Next Generation EU funding.”