Synergy between Loaf and Mill Farm

In our May Newsletter we wrote about Loaf – a community bakery with an environmental conscience

We return to it to show how human connections can significantly change the way we live and produce.

Loaf’s Members visited Mill Farm near Worcester, which the owner Jonathan has been farming for over 50 years. But in the last few years he’s had to radically rethink how he approaches farming.

The farm, inspired by the work of the South West Grain Network supported by Loaf, started growing heritage wheat varieties. The main aim is to re-imagine the food system where small-scale regenerative farming systems are producing nutrient-rich, tasty food in healthy soils, re-building short supply chains, and a new grain economy that is full of personality and traceability.

One way to keep a farm alive is to get clever, creating a sustainable environment for better crops to grow without exhausting the land — from crop rotation to conserve the land, to wild flower areas to encourage pollinators, to making big decisions about what to grow and what to not grow. Mill Farm has won awards (Winner of the Soil category – Champion of the Farmed Environment) for its conservation efforts and for having mindfully chosen to invest in the land, protecting the environment, and conserving it for the future.

It was inevitable that Loaf and Mill Farm, sharing the same principles, would establish close links that go way beyond simple economic interests. Both desire a great product that honours the grain and the land it grew on.