There have been many civil society initiatives running alongside COP26. Most are taking place in Glasgow in November. Among those that aren’t, we note the following one, named COP OFF!, which will be held online between 14 and 16 November. Those taking part include Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, and Caroline Lucas.

The reasons behind this initiative:

“As our planet’s clock approaches midnight, world leaders are set to converge in Glasgow at COP26 in order to come up with new excuses, new symbolic targets and new ways to silence the real progressive voices who oppose them.

Climate change is real, it’s here, and it’s an emergency. But history has shown us that those who were supposed to lead us out of this crisis are so blinded by capital and powerful private interests that they’ve decided Earth itself is a small price to pay for the yachts, mansions, private jets and record profits of the 1%. They will gather, mingle over dinner and drinks, and preach their commitment to insufficient goals and targets. Then fail to meet even those.”

The event will be online and many progressive thinkers and leaders are expected to take part. On the first day we will host two sessions, at 6PM and 8PM CEST; while on the second and third day we will host 3 sessions each: 4PM, 6PM and 8PM CEST.

COP OFF: DiEM25’s Alternative Climate Conference, will be livestreamed on DiEM25’s